Content management system design and programming (PHP, mysql)

Brassland Records is an indie rock label based out of Brooklyn, perhaps best known for releasing the first two albums by The National. Brassland is co-owned and managed by former Cantaloupe Records manager Alec Bemis, who commissioned me to build out a similar content management system for Brassland after the launch of the Cantaloupe Records website.

As with Cantaloupe's website, was designed by Laurel Sheridan, and built out in HTML, CSS and Javascript by Hal Hixson. Since the music released by Brassland often blurs the boundaries between indie rock and modern classical, I retained the extensive composer/performer/arranger functionality built into Cantaloupe's site, but allowed more flexibility for this information to remain hidden from the user.

Since the label's roster is relatively small, we decided to build a more tightly integrated website for Brassland, displaying artist tour dates and album purchase links wherever possible.



Red Poppy Music

The website for a music publishing company. I designed and built the content management system.

Cantaloupe Music

The website for an experimental record label. I designed and built the content management system.