Content management system design and programming (PHP, mysql)

Cantaloupe Music is a record label based out of Brooklyn, New York. In early 2007, I began work on a new, dynamic website for the label that would showcase the diverse array of music they offer. The design for the website had already been completed, as had basic HTML/CSS programming, and I was contracted to design a content management system that would make the website easy to maintain.

The primary challenge in structuring the content management system for Cantaloupe was the interconnectedness of artists. Whereas most rock albums are the product of a single artist who is composer, arranger AND performer, many of the releases on Cantaloupe feature a variety of artists in these different roles, varying from song to song as well as album to album. To reflect this, I set up "composer," "performer" and "arranger" fields for each song, each one selectable via a drop-down menu of active artists. On each artist's page, every album on which that artist appears as a composer, performer OR arranger is displayed.

The Cantaloupe website also called for a fairly robust news page, in which items could be associated with individual artists, and paginated on the main "news" page.

In early 2009, extremely talented designer and coder Hal Hixson did an overhaul of the site's design and code.



Red Poppy Music

The website for a music publishing company. I designed and built the content management system.

Brassland Records

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