Producing, engineering, mixing, songwriting, performing (guitar, keyboard, vocals)

In late 2007, I began working on the songs that would become my former band Get Him Eat Him's final EP The Throat Is Bent. We honed these songs during a winter mini-tour with Mahjongg and a headlining show at New York's Knitting Factory with The Capstan Shafts and Charles Bissell from The Wrens. In early October of 2008, we decamped to guitarist Jason Sigal's family home in New Jersey, and set up shop in the basement.

Meanwhile, I had finally stockpiled enough recording equipment to track drums -- and enough recording experience to do so with confidence. We settled on a line-up of microphones that worked well in a big, boomy basement with minimal outboard processing, and left New Jersey with a full set of drum, bass and guitar tracks. Back at home with no tour looming, I had time to fine-tune expressive details in my vocals, rather than simply using the first in-tune take. This approach turned out particularly fruitful on "Hearts Away," the jangly second track on The Throat Is Bent.

My approach to mixing The Throat Is Bent varied from song to song. For "Hearts Away," I sought an open and unprocessed sound, relying primarily upon overheads and room mics for the drums and applying minimal compression and reverb to the guitars and vocals. For EP closer "Ancient History," I cultivated a more aggressive and processed sound, bussing the snare, kick and overhead mics through a stereo tape delay simulator and periodically distorting the lead vocal. My primary goal in mixing "Ancient History" was to emphasize the song's structural arc, building tension in its verses and opening up its choruses with big guitars, doubled vocals and propulsive tambourine.

The Throat Is Bent was mastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya in Washington, D.C., and released to coincide with our final live performance at Brooklyn's Union Hall on February 28th, 2009. Continuing our tradition of bespoke EP packaging, our drummer Jeff Wood hand-carved a stunning linoleum stamp, which we used to ink a limited edition of approximately 100 cardboard sleves.

We released the EP digitally via an exclusive partnership with Amie Street, and enjoyed prominent placement on their home page and in their e-mail newsletter. In the week following the EP's release, "Hearts Away" climbed to #3 on Amie Street's charts.



The Capstan Shafts - Revelation Skirts

An album by the Capstan Shafts. I produced, mixed, and played drums.


My contribution to Australian lit/music magazine The Lifted Brow's "World Atlas."

Get Him Eat Him - Arms Down

My former band's second record. I co-produced, sang, and played guitar.