Producing, engineering, mixing, songwriting, performing (guitar, bass, vocals)

The Lifted Brow is an excellent music and literature zine based out of Melbourne, Australia. When editor Ronnie Scott approached me to contribute something to their "World Atlas" issue, I jumped at the chance -- and that was before I knew that other contributors would include tUnE-YaRdS, Hannah Marcus and Rick Moody, Douglas Coupland and the late David Foster Wallace.

When prompted to pick a geographic location, my mind immediately went to "Djibouti," for reasons entirely unrelated to the almost-funny-sounding final two syllables of the country's name. During an extremely short-lived childhood fascination with magic and mentalism, I learned of the so-called "Mental Elephant Trick", and decided that, if ever confronted with said trick, I would respond: "no, and there aren't any jackrabbits in Djibouti, either!"

As a lyricist, I tend to fixate on issues of miscommunication, and the faux-impressive "Mental Elephant Trick" has resonance beyond mere number games. So, in unusually troubadour-ish fashion, I sat down with my acoustic guitar and wrote a song using the "Mental Elephant Trick" as a metaphor for contrived displays of insight (and my prepared rebuttal as a debunking of such displays).

Since "Djibouti" was written entirely on acoustic guitar, I took a suitably sparse approach to its production. I added a bit of bass guitar and tambourine, but kept the bells and whistles to a minimum in the interest of showcasing the song's writerly nature.



Get Him Eat Him - The Throat Is Bent

My former band's final EP. I produced, engineered, mixed, sang, and played guitar.

Oxford Collapse - "Hester Xmas"

A holiday-themed song I produced for Brooklyn's Oxford Collapse.

Get Him Eat Him - Arms Down

My former band's second record. I co-produced, sang, and played guitar.