Mr. Dream is a three-piece punk rock band from Brooklyn New York, featuring the drumming talents of my close friend and frequent musical collaborator Nick Sylvester. I recorded a demo with the band in early 2008 that never saw the light of day -- by the time I finished mixing, the band was light years ahead of where they had been when I first recorded them. I was eager to work with the band again, and in late 2009 I offered to mix a couple songs for Mr. Dream's second EP No Girls Allowed.

Nick tracked five songs for No Girls Allowed at Mr. Dream's practice space, and did a great job of capturing the band's energy. Rather than sanding down the rough edges of Nick's tracks, I sought to sharpen them into something suitably powerful and menacing. For "Knuckle Sandwich," the first song on No Girls Allowed, I used a Shure Level-loc clone to add both grit and glue to the drum tracks, and slammed Adam Moerder's vocals with a FET compressor.

I took a markedly different approach with "Fancy Things," which reminded me of the records 4AD put out in the early 90s. I liberally applied chorus and reverb in the hopes of adding a "hi-fi" sheen to the drum, guitar and vocal tracks. I had a hard time coaxing high-frequency attack out of the kick drum, but eventually found my way to a suitably "clicky" sound.

No Girls Allowed was mastered by Joe Lambert, and was released in 2010.



Mr. Dream - Trash Hit

The debut LP by Brooklyn's Mr. Dream. I mixed three songs.

The Capstan Shafts - Revelation Skirts

An album by the Capstan Shafts. I produced, mixed, and played drums.

Franklin Bruno - Zero Return

A 7" I transferred from 4-track tape and mixed for Franklin Bruno.