Content management system design and programming (PHP, MySQL)

Red Poppy Music is a publishing collective owned by composers and Bang on a Can co-founders Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe. In late 2007, these composers decided to switch from a single centralized website to three individual websites showcasing their works, and I was approached to code a content management system in PHP and MySQL for these websites. The guiding principle behind both data and visual design was to make Gordon, Lang and Wolfe's music easily accessible to those who might have an interest in performing or licensing it. To that end, designers Inka X. Resch and Luis Castaneda -- whose backgrounds are primarily in print/book design -- provided an exceptionaly clean and elegant design for all three websites.

I worked with Resch and Castaneda on refining this design, making sure that it efficiently and inclusively conveyed all the planned information, including audio and video content. These designs were then coded into static css/xhtml/javascript pages by Carl Lorentzen. Once the design and static code was finalized, I began connecting these files to the databases I had designed, and coding a backend that would allow for information to be easily manipulated by an administrator with no coding experience.

As these websites were populated with information, some substantial changes to their data structures became necessary. For example, it became apparent midway through the project that more than one "track" in the discography section of a site might correspond to a single "work" in that site's music section. After several rounds of feedback and revisions, I redeveloped both the databases and the front-ends of the sites to accommodate multiple "parts" of each work, creating a minimum of data redundancy for the administrator and a seamless and intuitive experience for the user.



Cantaloupe Music

The website for an experimental record label. I designed and built the content management system.

Brassland Records

The website for an independent record label. I designed and built the content management system.