Producing, engineering, mixing, performing (drums, bass, guitar)

In 2006, my friend and bandmate Jason Sigal passed me a copy of the Capstan Shafts record Euridice Proudhon. "I think you'll like this," he said, "it sounds like Guided by Voices and Television Personalities, and the lyrics are kind of mean and about people trying to be cool." A month or so later, Euridice Proudhon had secured a place among my very favorite albums.

I did a little digging, and discovered that the Capstan Shafts is the alias of one Dean Edward Wells, formerly of Lyndonville Vermont and currently residing in West Virginia. I got in touch with Dean, and over the next couple years I had the pleasure of performing in his backing band on several occasions, and covering his song "More Lovely Than Likely" with my former band Get Him Eat Him. In early 2009, Dean sent me a CD-R of largely acoustic demos, and we began work on what would become Revelation Skirts, the first "hi-fi" Capstan Shafts record.

For the better part of a year, we traded demos back and forth, Dean developing song structures, lyrics and melodies while I fine-tuned instrumental parts. In January of 2010, we entered Marc Alan Goodman's Strange Weather studio and tracked drums, bass and guitars through Marc's incredible-sounding API 1608 console. We ran through the record with me on drums and Dean on scratch vocals and guitar, then overdubbed bass and guitars as needed.

After an intense 3-day weekend of basic tracking, I took home the audio files and began overdubbing. I added some acoustic guitar, percussion, and organ, and recorded Dean's vocals with a Beyerdynamic m500 ribbon microphone (the clear winner of a 5-way mic shootout). During mixing, I sought to give the album shape and variety, bringing out the melancholy and nuance in some of Dean's slower songs while emphasizing the big-as-a-house riffs elsewhere on the record.

I also designed the album art for Revelation Skirts, adapting images from early 20th Century Russian satirical magazines found via Yale University's digital image archive.

Revelation Skirts Album Artwork
9.1mb pdf, designed by Matt LeMay

Revelation Skirts was mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering, and was released by Rainbow Quartz on August 24th, 2010.



Mr. Dream - No Girls Allowed

The second EP by Brooklyn's Mr. Dream. I mixed two songs.

Get Him Eat Him - The Throat Is Bent

My former band's final EP. I produced, engineered, mixed, sang, and played guitar.

Get Him Eat Him - Arms Down

My former band's second record. I co-produced, sang, and played guitar.