How much do you charge?

Depends on the project. Let's talk!

Where is your studio?

I mix at home, and record wherever I can. I have made recordings in basements, practice spaces, bedrooms, and an organic castle converted into a B&B. New spaces are exciting to me, even (or especially) difficult ones. I have a powerful, portable tracking rig and I like to record bands wherever they are most comfortable. I am also happy to oversee a project in a professional studio. Again, let's talk!

What is your approach to recording/mixing?

Music-centered, operationally versatile. I do not believe that one sound, approach, or piece of recording equipment is "right" in every case. As a rule, I believe in working with, not against the nature of the song, the performance, the space and the equipment at hand. Figuring out the right approach for a particular song or record is the most important part of the process.

I recorded some tracks myself, and they don't sound great. I want you to mix them. Can you do that?

Absolutely! I enjoy working with challenging source material.

Do you have a Neve 1073, or a Neumann U47, or [insert fancy, vintage equipment here]?

Probably not. The gear I have is a result of both extensive research and my own trial and error. I have stuff that works for me. I'm happy to use stuff that you like, too. Vintage gear is great in theory, but new gear is often more reliable and versatile, not to mention easier to repair if necessary. There are people out there making some truly incredible new stuff.

Do you record to tape? Are you "analog"?

Not really, no. I've been recording on computers since I was 13. I like it. Just because you're recording to a hard drive doesn't mean your recording can't be "warm" or "punchy."

Why do you list your equipment on a site full of information about your other work?

The more you know about me, the better. Gear is important, but taste/philosophy/approach is arguably much more so.


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