(1) Milab VIP-50 large-diaphragm multi-pattern condenser
(1) Sage Electronics "Bova Ball" small-diaphragm omni condenser
(1) Lauten Audio Clarion large-diaphragm multi-pattern FET condenser
(1) Cascade "Gomez" figure 8 ribbon
(1) M-Audio Sputnik large-diaphragm multi-pattern tube condenser
(1) OktavaMod Apex 460 multi-pattern large-diaphragm tube condenser
(2) [Matched pair] Avenson STO-2 "Stapes" small-diaphragm omni condenser
(1) Audio Technica ATM450 side-address small-diaphragm cardioid condenser
(1) Audio Technica AT4033 large-diaphragm cardioid condenser
(1) Audio Technica ATM25 large-diaphragm hypercardioid dynamic
(2) Audio Technica Pro 37R small-diaphragm cardioid condenser
(1) OktavaMod MXL v67g large-diaphragm cardioid FET condenser
(1) Naiant Studios XT small-diaphragm transformer-balanced omni condenser
(1) Shure SM-57 cardioid dynamic w/ Tab Funkwerk transformer mod
(1) Shure SM-57 cardioid dynamic
(1) Heil PR40 large-diaphragm cardioid dynamic
(1) Sennheiser e602 large-diaphragm cardioid dynamic
(1) Beyerdynamic m201 small-diaphragm hypercardioid dynamic
(1) Beyerdynamic m160 dual-element hypercardioid ribbon
(1) Beyerdynamic m130 dual-element figure 8 ribbon
(1) Beyerdynamic m500 hypercardioid ribbon
(2) Okava ML-19 cardioid ribbon
(2) Oktava MC 012 small-diaphragm cardioid condenser
(1) Electro-Voice RE11 cardioid dynamic
(1) Electro-Voice 664 cardioid dynamic
(1) AKG D1000e small-diaphragm cardioid dynamic
(1) Shure KSM-141 small-diaphragm multi-pattern condenser
(1) Karma Audio K Micro small-diaphragm omni condenser
(1) OktavaMod Apex 205 figure 8 ribbon
(1) Electro-Voice 635A/B omnidirectional dynamic
(2) Audio Technica AT4041 small-diaphragm cardioid condenser
(2) Groove Tubes GT44 medium-diaphragm cardioid tube condenser


(1) Chandler Germanium preamp / DI
(1) Sebatron VMP-4000e 4-channel preamp / DI
(1) Great River MP-500NV preamp / DI
(1) Ampex MX-35 4-channel stereo mixer modified by Mike Rippe
(1) Ampex 351 tube preamp / DI modified by Cary Cornett
(1) Sony SRA-3 2-channel tube preamp w/ RCA black plate tubes
(1) Groove Tubes Brick preamp / DI w NOS GE and RFT tubes
(1) Avalon U5 DI
(2) Triton Audio "Fethead" inline preamp


(1) Valley People Dyna-mite2 2-channel compressor / limiter / gate / expander
(1) Alesis Micro Limiter stereo compressor/limiter
(1) Aphex Dominator multi-band limiter
(1) dbx 903 compressor
(1) MXR Dual Limiter


(1) Critter and Guitari "Pocket Piano" synthesizer
(1) Mid-80s Robin Ranger Custom guitar
(1) 90s Fender MIJ 60s Reissue Stratocaster guitar
(1) Epiphone SC-550 "Scroll" electric guitar w/ Fralin "Unbucker" pickups
(1) Fender Baritone Special baritone electric guitar
(1) Gibson Blueshawk electric guitar
(1) Jerry Jones Neptune 12-string electric guitar
(1) Sonic F custom-built electric guitar
(1) Rickenbacker 4003 electric bass
(1) Late 70s Aria Pro II "Precise Bass" w/ overwound Lollar pickups
(1) Gretsch Electromatic "Broadkaster" hollow electric bass w/ TV Jones pickups
(1) 70s Guild F212 12-string acoustic guitar
(1) 70s Guild D-35 acoustic guitar
(1) Guild parlor acoustic guitar
(1) Fender Mini 57 Tweed battery-powered guitar amplifier
(1) Danelectro "Hodad" battery-powered guitar amplifier
(1) Marshall battery-powered guitar amplifier
(1) Orange Micro Terror guitar amplifier
(1) Fender Greta 1x4 guitar amplifier w/ NOS JAN and Tung-Sol tubes
(1) Blackheart Lil Giant guitar amplifier w/ JJ tubes
(1) Epiphone Jr 1x12 speaker cabinet
(1) Late 60s Guild Thunder I guitar amplifier w/ NOS Mullard and Aperex tubes
(1) Mid 60s Kalamazoo Model 1 guitar amplifier w/ NOS JAN tubes
(1) Moviola "Squawkbox" tube amplifier
(1) 70s Ludwig Acrolite snare w/ tube lugs
(1) Vintage Weltron wood snare
(1) Pork Pie BOB brass snare
(1) Pair Paiste 2002 14" sound edge hi-hats
(1) 17" Zildjian A Custom crash
(1) 20" Zildjian A Custom medium ride
Various tambourines, shakers, sleighbells etc


Apple Logic Pro X
MOTU Digital Performer 9
UAD, Waves, SoundToys, Plugin Alliance, and many many other plugins and doodads!


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